Lessons in Leadership with Michael S. Clouse

Learn the leadership skills you need to grow your Network Marketing team from 2 to 200,000!

    Lessons in Leadership with Michael S. Clouse



Aug 10th, 2020 by lessonsinleadership at 9:45 am

How do you overcome objections and advance the conversation all the way to, "Yes!"? In this podcast with the #1 Global Income Earners, Michael, and Lynn Clouse, you'll learn what over 50 years of combined experience has taught them; and how YOU can overcome objections and advance the conversation all the way to, "Yes!"

Apr 27th, 2020 by lessonsinleadership at 10:34 am

In his classic 2017 video presentation, Michael shared one of the secrets of the super successful that you could have implemented to help make 2017 the best year you'd ever had! That advice has stood the test of time! Enjoy, and then immediately put into practice this still relatively unknown secret of the super successful!

In this episode, recorded live in 2017, Michael reveals the five areas of belief we all need to master in order to become ten feet tall and bulletproof! And why we need to watch out for the egg!

Feb 14th, 2020 by lessonsinleadership at 11:08 am

In this episode, Michael explains why learning how to build your Isagenix business is a lot like learning how to ride your bicycle; there are things you will need to learn and things you will need to figure out by going for a ride!

Jan 13th, 2020 by lessonsinleadership at 8:56 am

In this episode, Michael shares a few thoughts on how to answer the commonly asked question, "What do you do for a living?"

Nov 25th, 2019 by lessonsinleadership at 9:14 am

In this episode, Michael explains why we need to attend local, regional, and corporate events; and why knowing what events to avoid is just as important as knowing what events to attend!

Nov 11th, 2019 by lessonsinleadership at 5:26 pm

Listening to these words of wisdom daily, over the next 30-days, will cause you to begin thinking and acting differently over time! If you desire to better yourself, your business, and your life, then listen to this podcast over and over and over again until you have memorized, "The 38 Philosophies!"

Nov 5th, 2019 by lessonsinleadership at 2:25 pm

In this classic uncut audio-program, recorded before Facebook, the iPhone, or Podcasts existed, Michael takes you on a 2,700-year journey to reveal the real reason people become super successful; and the step-by-step process you'll need to follow in order to become one of them! You may smile or even laugh at the references to old out-of-date technology, but the message is as timeless and profound as the day it was recorded in 2003!

Oct 28th, 2019 by lessonsinleadership at 11:24 am

In this episode, Michael explains why identifying your weaknesses is the first step to turning them into your strengths; whether they are physical, mental or both!

Oct 14th, 2019 by lessonsinleadership at 10:02 am

In this episode, Michael explains why it's difficult to offer a solution without understanding the problem; and understanding the problem begins by asking questions!

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